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April 18, 2012 is a place for you to tell the story of how you first got involved in the Joomla community, how you continue to be involved, and how Joomla has impacted your life. It all started as I was thinking over the years I have worked with Joomla and been a part of the community, and I realized just how much Joomla has changed my life. I believe there are thousands of people out there with stories similar to mine, and I wanted to provide a place for those stories to be shared.

If you use Joomla and you have a story to tell about it, head over to and share your story.

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JavaScript Library Management for Joomla

April 17, 2012

Once upon a time, JavaScript was poorly regarded. The mention of JavaScript threw chills down the spine of any developer. JavaScript was only written when absolutely, vitally necessary. And even then, the author would write it with a pinched nose, doing the bare minimum to get things working. Cross-browser compatibility was possible for only the most trivial of tasks, while debugging tools were crude at best.

JavaScript today is a different story. Developers are not just writing JavaScript because they need to, but because they want to. It is no longer confined to the web browser; you can use JavaScript for your entire web application stack.

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Meet us at J and Beyond!

April 03, 2012

If you haven't heard about J and Beyond, then you are in for a treat. Coming back for the 3rd year, it is the largest international Joomla event that the community has seen so far.

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Quiero actualizar mi sitio Joomla

March 21, 2012

Special thanks to Isidro Baquero for translating our Joomla 2.5 chart to Spanish!

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Podcast Suite Gets An Upgrade

March 16, 2012

Seven years ago, podcasting had just gotten started. All you needed to do was add an <enclose> tag pointing to an MP3 file to your RSS feed, and you were in business. So I took Mambo's (this was before Joomla!) com_syndicate component, added in that tag, then created a thin wrapper around the Article Manager. Now anyone could publish a podcast!

Fast forward to now and podcasting is another world. iTunes is the de facto podcast directory and has its own set of requirements. And people no longer think in terms of generating a podcast feed, but simply publishing audio and video files online for mass consumption. Podcast Suite 2.0 is rewritten from the ground up and reflects these shifts.

So, what all is a part of the new Podcast Suite? Let's have a look.

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